The Board assists in resolving disputes between landowners and companies that require access to private land to explore for, develop, or produce Crown-owned subsurface resources such as oil, gas, coal, minerals and geothermal. We assist with disputes about:

1. Terms of entry onto land: The Board may authorize entry to private land to explore for, produce or develop subsurface resources.
2. Compensation: the amount to be paid to the landowner for a company’s entry, occupation and use of private land.
3. Damages: the compensation that should be paid for damage to the land or adjacent land, or loss caused by an entry.
4. Rent Renegotiation: new rental provisions in a surface lease.
5. Compliance:
  • whether the terms of a surface lease or right of entry have been complied with; or
  • whether the proposed oil and gas activity in a surface lease is different from what was approved by the British Columbia Energy Regulator

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