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June 5, 2024: The Surface Rights Board is dedicated to increasing access to justice for its diverse stakeholders. By revising its Rules and Forms, the Board seeks to increase the accessibility of its documents, and clarify the Board processes, procedures, and expectations. The Board is asking for stakeholder comments and feedback on these proposed revisions.

Please review the Board’s revised DRAFT RULES and share your comments, questions, and or feedback in writing to: office@surfacerightsboard.bc.ca by August 15, 2024.

The revised DRAFT FORMS will be posted here shortly.

February 6, 2024: The Surface Rights Board is pleased to announce the s.6 appointment of Kent Ashby.
September 14, 2023: Board's 2022/2023 Annual Report released.
May 25, 2023: The Surface Rights Board is pleased to announce several new merit based appointments to its Board including Cheryl Vickers, Dale Pope KC, Christine Arnold, Bruce Turner, and Peter Judd. Effective May 18, 2023, appointments are as follows:
  • Chair - Jacqueline Beltgens
  • Vice Chair - Cheryl Vickers
  • Members - Dale Pope KC, Bruce Turner, Peter Judd, Lesley Sick, and Dennis Lapierre.

Each appointee’s biography and term of appointment may be found on the Board’s website.

Also, effective June 12, 2023 the Board is pleased to welcome Kate O’Brien as its Deputy Registrar.

February 27, 2023: On February 17, 2023, Order in Council No. 101/2023 was approved and ordered, putting section 2 (c), 5 and 7 of the Energy Statutes Amendment Act into force. The Oil and Gas Commission is renamed as the British Columbia Energy Regulator and is continued as a corporation consisting of a board of directors appointed under this section.
August 8, 2022: The Chair and Registrar of the Board met with landowner stakeholders in the Peace River Valley communities of Rose Prairie and Farmington. These meetings are part of a comprehensive process by the Board to determine how the Board could better serve all its stakeholders in a meaningful and efficient manner. The Board thanks the landowner community for their thoughtful input on the Board and its processes.
July 20, 2022: Board's 2021/2022 Annual Report released.