How to Apply

How to apply

Either the resource company or the landowner can apply to the Board for mediation and arbitration services.

Select the appropriate application:

Type of Application

Links to Forms

Right of Entry, Terms & Compensation – Oil and Gas and Geothermal: for oil and gas exploration, development, production, processing and related activities (including flow lines) and geothermal projects

Form 1A

Right of Entry, Terms & Compensation – Mining: for coal or mineral exploration, extraction or development

Form 1B

Damages: Compensation for damages to the land or loss to owner or occupant of land caused by entry

Form 1C

Rent Review: for surface leases
(Note: See the Information Sheet Rent Review for assistance)

Form 1D

Compliance: for disagreements on:
  • whether the terms of a surface lease have been complied with; or
  • whether the proposed oil and gas activity in a surface lease is different from what was approved by the British Columbia Energy Regulator

Form 1E

Each form details what must be included with the application. Complete the form on your computer or print and fill it out by hand.

On February 1, 2021, due to COVID-19, the Surface Rights Board waived the requirement for service of an application by registered mail and dispensed with the requirement for an Affidavit of Service.

The Board now requires that all applications to the Board be provided to each person reasonably expected to be directly affected by the application, and that the application be provided by personal service, fax, mail, or email. The Board requires confirmation of the type, address and date of service of the application. The instructions for service found on the application forms may be disregarded as the Board waives the requirement in the Rules for service by registered mail.

More information:

For more guidance see the Information Sheet: How to File an Application